The easiest way to contact me is to email me at virginia [at] mandarinmama [dot] com.

If we are actual friends In Real Life, then you likely know my full name and can contact me via Facebook or email or cel phone (assuming you have this information). I apologize ahead of time. I only friend folks I know In Real Life on my personal Facebook. I know. It’s antiquated. Sorry. If I get my act together, I may also create a Facebook page for Mandarin Mama. If I do, I will update this page accordingly.

Also, I am not on twitter because I still live in 2005 and see no use for it at this moment. I may change my mind on this as well, depending. I just can’t really see anyone being thrilled to read about what I do during the course of a day. It’s exceedingly dull and I promise you, even I am bored. Plus, the internets already suck enough time out of my day and away from my children (which is my primary job, I assure you), and I am pretty sure since I am a total addict to everything I would immediately disappear into the black hole vacuum that is the twitterverse. There would be a revolt in the family because everyone would be hungry and filthy. Sorry.

Finally, if none of the above options are deemed acceptable, the following form will have to do. It’s a generic WordPress app. But it will work and will contact me.


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